Mad Hippie Pro Tips



PRO TIP 1:  Always rub products in well to ensure actives fully penetrate.  We recommend massaging products in an upward, circular motion, trying to not tug or pull on skin. 

PRO TIP 2:  If you have skin discolouration, our serums, night cream and mist are fantastic.  It is essential one wears a physical blocking sunscreen daily though as the appearance of skin discolouration tends to return with sun exposure.

PRO TIP 3: Some 90% of skin aging is a result of sun damage.  Protect your skin daily!

PRO TIP 4:  Live in the moment.  Let those you love know it.  Smile at everyone you meet.  Take a walk in the woods. Reconnect with an old friend.  Laugh, love, live & repeat.


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